Excursions for schoolchildren of 6 – 11 grades to confectionery factory Slavyanka are not only a fascinating acquaintance with the factory history but also a visit to the confectionery workshops. It is an adventure that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Visitors with their own eyes will see how beloved of all candies such as Golden Step, Lyovushka, Little Miracle, marmalade Kid's souvenir and many other favorite sweets come into being. They will also hear the history of the best confectionary factory in Central Black earth region.

And of course the joy for every dessert men is that all this can be tasted in unlimited quantities immediately after visiting the production!

Schedule an excursion

Excursions are carried out for students of 6-11 grades in accordance with the schedule (it is formed by the office manager on the basis of applications received from educational institutions). Applications are sent by the educational institutions to the email: придумаем@slavjanka.ru

The starting date for applications is the 2nd day of the new school year; if it coincides with a non-working day then the next day after the weekend. The excursion period is set from September to May. Wednesday is the day of excursions carrying out. Time of excursions carrying out: 14.00-16.00. According to the production necessity the excursion can be postponed to another day on the basis of an agreement with the executive director.


Applications received from educational institutions are collected, processed and stored by the office manager. The maximum quantity of visitors in the group including adult attendants is 30 people. A group can be formed from students of several grades of one educational institution.