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About companies association “Slavyanka”

Companies Association “Slavyanka” is one of the oldest Russian enterprises, being one of top 50 worlds rating of confectionery companies. Amount of production produced within the period from 2007 till 2017 comes to over 1 million. tons of confectioneries. For its history period of 85 years, Slavyanka has become a symbol of sustained quality and excellent taste. The company products, on which the Russians several generations have grown up, became the calling card of our huge motherland long ago.   

Dyakov’s family and Confectionery factory named after the 1st of May history


Company Association “Slavyanka” history started in the 70s years of the XIX century from a small oilseed processing manufacture by merchant Dyakov being renowned in Stary Oskol. Ivan Alekseevich Dyakov together with his brother Alexandr owned plant for production of hemp and nut oil. Later on based on the oilseed manufacture there was started sweets production: gingerbreads, fruit jelly, jam. At the beginning of the XX century Dyakov’s confectionery shop developed their manufacture and products range, they started production of candies “Crayfish tails”, toffee and hard candies.

On the 9th of March, 1929 the commission of Chief Political Office took decision of the enterprise nationalization. In 1932 there finished building of half mechanized factory named after the First of May, with capacity of 10 thousand tons of confectioneries per year.  Up to 1941 the factory had been producing gingerbreads of different types, hard candies and halvah. After years of the Great Patriotic War there stayed just walls of production, warehouse and supplementary rooms. Still, in February of 1943 as soon as the Germans left Stary Oskol, there started bread baking at the factory. The epoch of the factory technical modernization started in 1951 from the moment of the first mechanized lines installation.

In 1981 there at the Starooskolskaya confectionery factory started a great reconstruction. In November, 1988 it was signed the commissioning protocol of new six floors high building with capacity 12 500 tons per year, where there the first products were toffee, hard candies and moulded sweets. Famous “Bird’s milk” was put into production in January, 1990. Still, even after the reconstruction completion, the factory technical re-equipment and new capacities introduction was going on. Starting from February, 1995 after warehouse of finished products reconstruction, a chocolate shop for production of different sweets types commenced it work, what led to considerable increase in the boxed chocolates production. 

Beginning of Confectionery factory “Slavyanka” new history

In January, 1997 Starooskolskaya Confectionery factory acquired a new name – “Slavyanka”. This year there installed the first high-tech Italian line for chocolate bars production at the factory. In 1998 there in the re-equipped room of finished products warehouse the Austrian line for production of hollow wafers with filling was commissioned. The first “Slavyanka” brand sweets type “Chudo”  release took place in September, 1998. In 2000 there was put into the operation the Dutch line for production of biscuits and cupcakes at the factory.

Agricultural complex “Potudan”

In 2000 the company joined agricultural enterprise “Potudan”, main priority of which is manufacture of organic agricultural products.

Slavyanka plus

In 2002 a new production complex “Slavyanka plus” with capacity of over 100 thousand tons per year was commissioned. It is a modern enterprise, equipped with plants and lines, produced by the world’s leaders of machine building industry, which presented exclusive, earlier unknown confectioneries based on nougat and caramel to the Russians. In 2004 production of the most successful and beloved by all brand “Step” started here. 


Increase in demand for chocolate and chocolate products gave an impulse to establishment of new production for cocoa-beans treatment and receiving the wide range of high-quality cocoa products in 2004.  Owing to this, “Slavyanka” gained control over complete production cycle – beginning from cocoa-beans purchase and treatment till finished confectioneries of great quality production.

Gofropack-Slavyanka” and  Polygraphy-Slavyanka


Establishment of own printing industry in 2008 enabled “Slavyanka” to enter the new high-growth packaging market. The company packaging business is on the rise and provides the confectionery production with all types of high-quality packing. For the moment “Polygraphy-Slavyanka” is the biggest packing manufacturer in the region.


Year-on-year growth in the company sales volume gave an impulse to production capacity increase for 30% and building a new factory “Slavyanka-Lux” in 2008, which produces beloved by all company brands: “Levushka”, “Ordinary miracle”, “Kid’s souvenir”. In 2010 “Slavyanka” entered top 100 the biggest Russian companies according to the magazine “Forbes” rating, therewith becoming the example of successful industrial enterprise. In 2011 “Slavyanka” firstly produced over 100 thousand tons of confectioneries.   

Starooskolskiy Mechanical Plant


In 2009 the Companies Association “Slavyanka” entered one of the oldest machine-building enterprise in Stary Oskol “Starooskolskiy Mechanical Plant”. Owing to large-scaled reconstruction and capacities upgrading, the enterprise with over a hundred years history, intensively develops new technologies, introduces projects for robotics. At the moment mechanical plant specializes in production of equipment for confectionery, mining industries and shaped casting of the moulding in cold-hardening mixture technology.

Great development


In 2015 the company “Slavyanka” entered such honored confectionery enterprises of Russia as confectionery factory “Confy” in Ekaterinburg, confectionery factory “Volzhanka” in Ulyanovsk and confectionery factory named after N.K. Krupskaya in Saint Petersburg.  

Confectionery factory named after N.K. Krupskaya


History of confectionery factory named after N.K. Krupskaya started from 1938. Just before the Great Patriotic War there commenced production of the most popular Soviet sweets “Little bear on the North” at the factory, which had not been stopped even during the difficult period of the Siege of Leningrad. The factory is upon the Saint Petersburg Book of Honor for the selfless labour during the Great Patriotic War.  

Confectionery factory Confy

Legendary confectionery factory “Confy” was founded in 1967. The confectionery factory products received a lot of high opinions at the exhibitions in London and Vienna and were honored with the highest awards of the international and the Russian fairs: “Quality Award” (Switzerland), International prize “For quality”, established by Trade Leaders’ Club (France), “Golden Mercury”. Over a period of 23 years the factory has been producing the famous baby biscuits “Malyshok”, which taste we remember from our childhood.

Confectionery factory Volzhanka

Confectionery factory “Volzhanka” in Ulyanovsk is not only one of the most beloved enterprises of Volga region food industry with over 40 years’ history but also the first confectionery factory in our country, which obtained international certificate ISO. During years of its work, the factory has repeatedly become the award “100 Best Products of Russia” laureate as well as recipient of exclusive honorary diploma of International Advertising Festival of Moscow.     

Companies Association “Slavyanka” today

Shopping and leisure center “Slavyanskiy” and “Youth Art Center”

Taking an active part in the hometown social development, “Slavyanka” company took on the old town part reconstruction, bringing to life the idea of historical center sea change. Office, trade and leisure centers “Slavyanskiy” are to blend with architectural composition of Stary Oskol Central Part. In the end of 2017 Youth Art Center, situated on the complex area, threw a door open for talented and gifted youth of the town.

Distributive Center “Elit” and Logistics Depot

In order to improve clients’ service quality and logistics system up-grading the first stage of the new high-tech nationwide distributive center of  17 500 square meters area size commenced its operation in Stary Oskol in August, 2017. Companies Association “Slavyanka” own automobile park comprises over 150 units of auto equipment, including modern long-haul trucks marks MAN and Mercedes for long-range transportation, which provide prompt and qualitative confectioneries delivery even to the back of beyond.  

Brand stores “Slavyanka” net extension


Extensive product line and the buyers’ loyalty to the company brands allowed to develop the brand retail chain within 2 years, which comprises over 160 stores in all the Russian regions at the moment. 

Social responsibility projects

Spiritual values

“Slavyanka” makes a considerable contribution to the region cultural and spiritual assets development. In 2010 the Cathedral in honor of St. Sergius of Radonezh was built for the citizens of Stary Oskol. In 2014 there in Peschanka village the Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin threw a door open for its churchgoers. In 2017 there in Potudan village was constructed the Church of St. George. Ceremony of the consecration of the Church took place on the 24th of November, 2017, on the date of 85-years anniversary of companies Association “Slavyanka”.     

Recreation facility “Slavyanka”


In summer 2011 there was opened recreation facility “Slavyanka” alongshore of reservoir of Stary Oskol.  It includes hotel, sports and health centers as well as heated swimming pool. The facility has become a favorite recreation place not only for the company employees, but also for all the citizens and guests from all the Russian regions.   

In 2014 the company “Slavyanka” was given the title “The Russian enterprise of high social performance” for effective realization of its social policy. Thus, substantiating its honorary title, the company annually invests millions of rubles in different charitable and social programs, sponsors talented children and sportsmen of Stary Oskol. Sweet gifts by “Slavyanka” are given to all the first-grade pupils on the Knowledge Day and to all the graduates on the Farewell Bell holiday. In 2016 it was formed a scholarship for students of Stary Oskol urban district, who have become the winners in the regional and nation-wide Academic Olympics.