Factory Volzhanka



The first mention of the confectionary factory in Ulyanovsk we can find in the Resolution of the RSFSR CPSU Central Committee Bureau dd. 2.09.1964 No.1160 "On the Development of Ulyanovsk Industry and City economy in 1964-1970":

 "Provide for the construction of a confectionery factory, a wine bottling plant and an urban dairy plant with a refrigerator." 

On 31 January in 1974, the State Committee approved the protocol dd. 31.12.1973 "On the commissioning of Ulyanovsk confectionary factory of the Food Industry Ministry of the RSFSR for confectioneries production capacity in the amount of 10 thousand tons per year and chocolate semi-finished products production in the amount of 1,000 tons per year".

From memories of the first factory director F.I. Martynenko:

"During the construction, a year before its completion, I organized personnel training at the leading enterprises in Moscow, Leningrad, and Kiev. Two groups of local youth were sent to Saransk Technical School. This fact allowed putting the factory into operation.

Before the construction completion, we prepared bright colorful boxes with local topics that gave an opportunity to produce boxed products since the first days of the factory work.  

For staffing the factory I arranged in the Ministry to allocate funds for the construction of a hostel as well as for housing for experienced confectioners, who were assembled from different cities of the Soviet Union ".

The first output - chocolates "Assorted" were released from line 850 in the chocolate production area on March 5, 1974, by the International Women’s Day, March 8, and on this line forewoman birthday, Antonina Vasilievna Levanova.

May 1 1975, in the newspaper "Ulyanovsk truth" a big article of Demin Gennadiy Ivanovich, an employee, appeared which started like this: " Production areas of this enterprise smell sweetly: pineapple, pear, vanilla, cognac. There is everything there even for the most capricious gourmand - up to "Bird's milk".  Cellars of "Volzhanka" are bursting with exotic goods - there Brazilian cocoa beans, Indian nuts, peanuts, citrus fruits. The names of this factory production areas sound like music: chocolate, biscuit, candy-fruit jelly, and caramel-iris”.

The collective agreement for 1975 provided for, among other things, to produce over planned 30 tons of confectioneries for 50 thousand rubles, master 23 new product names, ensure its timely and most effective sales.

The collective social obligations provided then for fuels, power and raw materials, materials saving, several new technological processes implementation. There they meant continuous iris batch preparation, marshmallow and jelly candies production on pectin.

It was planned to install several units of new, fairly modern equipment, further development of new products varieties. They planned to prepare a hundred names of confectioneries for the first quality grade, for the state Quality sign – honorable pentagon – candies “Bird’s milk”, cookies "Zoologicheskoye", chocolate bar with rum filling.

In summer 1976, a scrap-free production system was implementing at the factory, the department of technical control accepted it from the first presentation.

In the same 1976, at the chocolate production area dry conching of chocolate mass was implemented – its treatment at high speed to decrease viscosity and to increase product flow properties. Processing on special conch-machines ennobled the mass, ensuring a more delicate taste and flavor of the future chocolate and sweets.

There was a "trial by fire" when, at the first attempt of conching, the chocolate mass splashed from the machine, pouring the process engineer and the mechanic of the production area from head to foot. There appeared a tradition “trial by fire” with chocolate for young process engineers.

The beginning of the eighties "Volzhanka" met with its achievements and inevitable problems. In January 1982, Volzhanka was brought to export a hundred tons of wrapped caramel. It was almost a question of entering the international market. Particular attention was paid to the control of technological processes in the production of lollipops for export.

In the 80's, the products were shipped to almost 50 regions of the Union, incl. Siberia, the Far East and Central Asian republics. In addition, according to Russian confectionery industry plan, chocolate semi-finished products were shipped to related enterprises.

Events of the early 90's negatively affected the confectionery market. From the interview of the former director of the factory Grishina LD.:" Chocolate production has not worked for half a month. In the morning I do not know if production areas will work or not. There is no sugar, no nuts. There is nothing at all. They let barter "UAZ" cars, but now this does not work either: the level of raw material shortage is higher than their deficit” Ludmila Dmitrievna shared plans on CJSC foundation - shares only among workers. At that, time the factory produced instead of usual chocolate - sweet tablets, simple fondant sweets, caramel "Dunka's joy," unglazed cakes, the so-called "oriental sweets" - a mixture of raisins and nuts. In general, they made fairly common goods from what was available, but they did not incur large losses, the team retained. 

The factory was a state enterprise until 1993. 17.12.1992 Ulyanovsk confectionery  factory «Volzhanka» was renamed as OJSC “Confectionery factory “Volzhanka””.

At the end of 1993 a new general director Revenkov A.N. came to the factory.

Since 1994, the factory has experienced more and more dynamic and radical changes. First of all - technical progress. In the chocolate production area instead of bulky five-roll mills GDR equipment, which produce chocolate mass, there was installed one Swiss mill "Bühler". There was installed one more line of German firm "Winkler und Dünnebier Süsswarenmaschinen GmbH» for chocolate tablets of different weight production with the possibility of large additives.

            In early 1996, “Volzhanka” specialists paid particular attention to the equipment of rather a famous Italian firm "Ruffinatti", for layered caramel production such as "Goosebumps". The factory specialists were sent to this country, where Gianni Ruffinatti, a grandson of the firm founder, met them. The equipment was delivered to the factory in October 1997. Gianni Ruffinnatti himself visited "Volzhanka" and he did not object to add equipment of other firms to his line. In March 1998, a significant amount of caramel flew off a new line.

The factory assortment was constantly expanding. At the end of 1996, the factory produced 149 types of confectioneries.

In 1997 in the former Central Pioneers House on Vorobiev hills in Moscow состоялось the action "Tale, how adults and children chose the most delicious sweets" took place. 15 Russian factories and some famous foreign companies were involved in it. "Volzhanka" took Grand Pri for candies "Swan" and "Seasons".

Among 370 domestic firms, the confectionery factory "Volzhanka" attended the first national specialized exhibition "Russian products - 97", presenting its output.  The special tasting Commission noted the diploma of 1 degree the fruit jelly in chocolate "Grape", diplomas of II degree - candy "Swan" and caramel "Isabella".

In September 1997, Ulyanovsk JSC "Confectionery factory "Volzhanka" was solemnly awarded the international quality certificate ISO -9000. It gave access to the international market. The telegram, signed by the Chairman of the state Committee on standardization, Metrology and certification, said:" your company is the first in Russian food industry which ensured the quality system certification, which testifies a high level of production organization and the team’s technical policy execution in the field of quality which is implemented by the management".

The medal "For merits to the Fatherland" II degree awarded to General Director of OJSC "CF "Volzhanka" Anatoly Revenkov. President signed the order.

In 1997, to their titles and awards “Volzhanka” added another one - the winner of competition "The best Russian enterprises-97" in the nomination "For the highest financial discipline". The competition has been held for the first time. The organizers -the Russian Union of       Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Among 170,000 Russian enterprises, experts have selected 60 plant and factories, and the jury named 27 leaders.

In June 1997, “Volzhanka” sold the shares. The factory became a private enterprise, received funds for development.

Since the mid 90-ies proprietary trade was developing. In early 1997, "Volzhanka" had 42 shops – 18 of them are private, other ones work in accordance with "agreements of cooperation". The first store was opened at the factory by the International women's Day – March 8.

In 2001-2002, the decision was taken about closing proprietary trade stores, at that time, and until today, only one store at the factory continued to work.

2000-s in the life of the factory are marked by reorganizations and various modifications. The factory reached record indicators - in 2003 were 49 000 tons of output. Staff amount -2 500 people.

In accordance with the decision of the Extraordinary General shareholders' meeting dd. January 23, 2007, OJSC Confectionary factory "Volzhanka" was reorganized by joining to OJSC "Confectionery Association» SladCo" and renamed as Ulyanovsk branch of OJSC "Confectionery Association "SladCo".

In accordance with the decision of the Extraordinary General shareholders' meeting dd. 12 October 2011, OJSC "Confectionery Association "SladCo" was reorganized by joining to OJSC "Confectionery factory named after N. K. Krupskoy" and renamed as OJSC "Orkla brands Russia». In December 2011, a branch of OJSC "Orkla brands Russia was established in Ulyanovsk – Confectionary factory "SladCo",   Ulyanovsk.

All this time at the confectionery factory they continued production, renewed the equipment.

In 2014, they successfully implemented a project to install high-tech line "AWEMA1"for chocolate articles production by using "ONE SHOT" method, the project budget is 52 million rubles. In 2015, the project was implemented to replace the obsolete line "NAGEMA 850" by a modern multifunctional line with a packaging complex.

The production laboratory, equipped in accordance with modern requirements, operates at the factory.  Food Safety Management Systems ISO 22000:2005 is used at the factory. Requirements to all the organizations in food production and consumption chain, ISO/TS 22002-1, the Technical Specification. Programs of preconditions creation for food safety ISO 9001 of the Quality management System.

February, 18, 2015, LLC "Confectionery factory "Volzhanka" (Ulyanovsk) was established and then entered together with the confectionery factory "Konfi" (Yekaterinburg) and the confectionery factory named after N. T. Krupskaya (St. Petersburg) the confectionery Association "Slavyanka".

A new stage in the development of Ulyanovsk confectionery factory started.

Currently the confectionery factory "Volzhanka" is equipped with 17 production lines. The main range of products: weight candies, caramel, chocolate tablets, artistic boxes (sets of assorted chocolates, Evening romance, Chime, Vernissage, Ruslan and Lyudmila, etc.)  The current staff number is more than 600 people.

In 2016, a new modern boiler-station was put into operation. Factory refrigeration equipment was replaced by more efficient one; all the production lines were transferred to independent Freon cooling. In May 2016, a new boiler-station was put into operation. Investments in these projects amounted to more than 40 million roubles.

Currently we are erecting 2 new lines for production of candies and caramel.

In 2015, the company successfully passed certification and received the certificate of conformity standard for food safety HACCP; in 2017, the factory confirmed it.

Sales system is under changes, company stores are open in Ulyanovsk.