eVitalia – modern cookies line – rich in vitamins and minerals. The history of these special Italian cookies amounts to 150 years. In those ancient times, the revolutionaries, led by the Carbonarius Giuseppe Garibaldi, fought for the unification of Italy. Careful wives helped them in these affaires with all their efforts. One day Anita, Garibaldi's wife, trying to bake a delicious dessert, added berries to unleavened dough. Then it turned out delicious, tasty and healthy cookies! The revolution won! These healthy cookies not only helped to unite Italy, but spread around the world, having united sweet teeth! Nowadays they are produced in different countries, and not only revolutionaries, but also each of us can enjoy the tender taste of Italian cookies. Good and victorious mood, as well as vitamins, natural supplements and fillings, lack of GMOs and coloring agents - the best traditions of Italian confectioners have been collected in this package of cookies!  

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