Chocolate «Osobyi» - is a quality, honed by years, based on the unique recipe with the addition of salt. It gives chocolate  a special delicate taste that will make you feel and realize the amazing beauty of the present moment. «Osobyi» - is a tribute to the traditions, which have developed over the decades of creativity in the confectionery art. Nevertheless, the unique works of TM «Osobyi» - not only a tribute to the traditions, but also a constant development. Very soon new tastes will be waiting for, watch the news! Today under your favorite trademark you can find not only chocolate, but also bars, sweets; All of them have been made according to a unique recipe that will definitely win you over. Try the combination of dark chocolate with  truffle filling and enjoy this unforgettable taste. «Osobyi» - a special taste, a special style - will not leave you indifferent!

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