Golden step

The famous and liked by everyone TM “Golden Step” product – is a quality, verified by years and always products of the highest class.

Sweets “Golden step” – the leader of sales in the weigh segment of Russia!

Nuts, caramel – the perfect combination to please yourself and your beloved. The specially designed preserving package allows sweets always to be fresh and for a long time tasty to enjoy sweet teeth. If you wish to have a delicious and nourishing snack on the run, bar “Golden step” will become your invaluable helper – 50 grams of pure joy. If you like to eat sweet sandwiches in the morning, chocolate spread “Step” - the very thing you need. Nevertheless, it is not all news! Recently products with addition of nougat have fulfilled the trademark line: nuts, caramel, nougat – look for new product Super Step in shops! Step – always-proper choice.  

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