Кондитерская фабрика им. Н.К. Крупской приняла участие в крупнейшем семейном фестивале «Metro Family day».
15 july 2019
6-7 июля в городском парке культуры им. Кирова в г. Санкт-Петербург, совместно с Кондитерской фабрикой им. Н.К. Крупской прошел крупнейший семейный фестиваль «Metro Family Day».
Кондитерское объединение «Славянка» участник «ПродЭкспо 2019»
7 february 2019
Кондитерское объединение «Славянка» приглашает посетить наш стенд на 26-й международной выставке «ПродЭкспо 2019»
В Петербурге прошел традиционный осенний бал прессы.
29 november 2018
В Петербурге прошел традиционный осенний бал прессы. Ежегодное мероприятие, открывающее череду предновогодних ярких событий в медиа-пространстве носит полуофициальный характер, но никогда не проводится без официальных лиц.
Rock-Fest "Все в шоколаде" V.2.0
4 september 2018
Rock Fest «Все в шоколаде V.2.0.» Конец лета – не повод для грусти, 26 августа площадь ТРЦ «Славянский» послужила ареной для одного из самых ярких и фееричных событий – Rock Fest - «Все в шоколаде V.2.0.», организатором которого выступила группа компаний «Славянка».
«День семьи, любви и верности»
10 july 2018
8 июля 2018 года на Соборной площади Петропавловской крепости совместно с Кондитерской фабрикой им Н.К. Крупской прошел общегородской праздник «День семьи, любви и верности». В этом году праздник включен в Культурную программу Чемпионата мира по футболу FIFA 2018.
Confectionery factory named after N.K. Krupskaya congratulated the residents of St. Petersburg on the city day.
4 jun 2018
On May 27, 2018 on the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress there was a celebration of St. Petersburg City day where Confectionary Factory named after N.K. Krupskaya was as one of the main sponsors.
Special offer «Ball from Slavyanka"
16 may 2018
In all shops of the confectionery association Slavyanka in Yekaterinburg we are starting a special offer – “Ball from Slavyanka”!
Congress of European Geographical Association
14 may 2018
Confectionery association "Slavyanka" supported the event Congress of European Geographical Association
We’re inviting you to the food travel with Janet’s Bakery!
27 april 2018
Confectionery Association “Slavyanka” provides you with a new line of pastry Janet’s Bakery, which can indulge each dessert man from different parts of the world.
The enlargement of the trade mark “Step” line
25 april 2018
Bright new products appeared in the assortment of the confectionery association “Slavyanka”. At this time, we enlarge the line by the trade mark “Golden step”.
The joint action with the theatre «Baltic house»
18 april 2018
The Theatre-festival «Baltic house» together with the Factory named Krupskaya invited parents and children of all ages to «Sweet holidays»
History of success with franchise from «Slavyanka»
27 march 2018
We would like to attract your attention to Alexander’s cooperation history with franchise from confectionery association “Slavyanka”. Alexander was able to open more than 15 shops for a short time, and he does not plan to stop on it.
«Osobyi» enriched its chocolate line with new flavours
15 february 2018
«Osobyi» has enriched its chocolate line with new flavours: «Osobyi» milk and «Osobyi» dark with orange.
«Russian control» carried out the expertise of the chocolate «Osobyi»
12 february 2018
The non-commercial organization “Russian control” carried out the expertise of dark chocolate sold in Russia
The Confectionery association “Slavyanka” is a participant of “ProdEkspo 2018”
17 january 2018
We invite you to visit the exhibition “ProdExspo 2018”, at which CA “Slavyanka” large assortment will be presented
Exclusive set of confectioneries for Stas Mikhailov
12 january 2018
CA “Slavyanka” – developed for the Stas Mikhailov exclusive set of confectioneries
The confectionery association “Slavyanka” – a new member of Corporative club “Plus one life”.
9 january 2018
The confectionery association “Slavyanka” has been taking active part in social projects and charity programs for many years.
The 85th anniversary of GC “Slavyanka”
1 december 2017
The ceremonial event - the 85th anniversary of GC “Slavyanka” took place in November 24, 2017. The holiday ceremony was held in a new distribution center with an area of more than 17 thousand square meters, which was opened in a solemn atmosphere.
Rock Fest ‘a "Everything in chocolate" completed successfully
28 august 2017
On August 27 2017, there was held Rock Fest ‘a "Everything in chocolate" in which local bands as well as Russian pop stars: Nargis Zakirova and Naik Borsov participated.
Rock Fest "Everything in chocolate"
26 july 2017
The group of companies "Slavyanka" by the 85th anniversary arranges free Rock Fest and a raffle of valuable prizes.
New line of chocolate «STOPS» for young people
25 july 2017
CA “Slavyanka” released a line of tablet chocolate TM "STOPS" to the Russian market
Sial China 2017
26 may 2017
CA “Slavyanka” took part in the international food and drinks exhibition «SIAL CHINA 2017».
VIII Charity festival "Easter joy 2017"
5 may 2017
VIII Charity festival "Easter joy 2017"