History of success with franchise from «Slavyanka»

27 march 2018

We would like to attract your attention to Alexander’s cooperation history with franchise from confectionery association “Slavyanka”. Alexander was able to open more than 15 shops for a short time, and he does not plan to stop on it.

Alexander was born and grew up in Orenburgskaya region, village Blagodarnoe. He graduated from the “Russian economical university, named G.V. Plehanov” in 2013. He started his commercial activity in 2009 with an ordinary grocery store in his native village.

The first brand store “Slavyanka” was open in August 2014. A self-service store had been open by the end of the year. At the same time, he bought a trailer in order to deliver goods to the store. He rented the first stock house, 50 square meters on the ground floor.

By the end of 2015, the total amount of brand store departments “Slavyanka” increased up to six ones. The truck “IVECO”, with lifting capacity 4 tones, was bought, the stock house, 110 square meters, was rented on the first floor. The improvement of software is carried out for the purpose of developing an individual approach to goods collecting for every shop, based on minimum leftovers.

In 2016, there were added six store departments in various parts of the town to the existing brand outlets. At the beginning of the year, the truck “MAN” - 20 tones was bought; the stock house 410 square meters was rented. They begin to collect goods for a store via DCT (data collecting terminal).

In 2017, the total amount of brand stores “Slavyanka” in Orenburg increased up to 15. For a year, work for the stock house automation is carried out for more qualitative and quick service of trade outlets. 


2018 began from moving to a new stock house with area 550 square meters. Professional stock house equipment was bought: a pallete transporter and an electrical self-propelled stacker.