«Osobyi» enriched its chocolate line with new flavours

15 february 2018

«Osobyi» – is the unique combination of chocolate and salt, classics and modern time, retro and new fashion. This brand appreciates and keeps traditions; however, development is not alien to it.

«Osobyi» has enriched its chocolate line with new flavours: «Osobyi» milk and «Osobyi» dark with orange.

 The brand has a long story. Chocolate tablets with this name have been produced at Krupskaya factory since the Soviet times and, for decades; «Osobyi» permanently stays an acknowledged leader in its segment.

All the articles of this brand differ by the unique taste, which is reached by mixing in certain proportions of chocolate mass with finely ground salt that fetches out the delicate taste of chocolate. This fact lets activate the maximum quantity of tasting receptors that gives the article special delicacy and opens out the rich pallete of true chocolate flavours.

«Osobyi» – is a brand that differs in everything from other ones. It is impossible to find the second same chocolate, it is truly special.    

All the articles of the brand «Osobyi» completely reflects its concept – from its name, taste and package visualization to its differentiation on shelves space.

The package design will attract attention for sure: simple peas, however, stylish, fashionable and memorable.


«Osobyi» milk

The fascinate traditional milk chocolate will provide you with inimitable pleasure of taste and will become an ideal completion of a day.

«Osobyi» dark with orange

Citrus tinge enriches a pleasant taste of dark chocolate.