We’re inviting you to the food travel with Janet’s Bakery!

27 april 2018

Confectionery Association “Slavyanka” provides you with a new line of pastry Janet’s Bakery, which can indulge each dessert man from different parts of the world.  

On the map of the world there are the countries, to which thousands of tourists head for not only to see cultural and natural places of interest but also to try local signature desserts.

The famous sweets, best known for their distinctive taste, could not only win a number of admirers all over the world but could also really glorify the places where they were originally manufactured.

Janet’s Bakery is inviting you to the food travel about the cities and countries, which are famous for their delicacies all over the world and introduces the series of exclusive desserts into the market, created on the basis of best known national confectionery recipes.

Confectionery Association “Slavyanka” is inviting you to the exciting food travel.

We would like to start our journey from a German city Dresden, famous for its delicious dessert. Three-layers ginger-bread dessert, manufactured according to a special recipe with aromatic cherry and creamy soufflé in chocolate glaze will capture your heart from the first seconds. A thin ginger-bread layer provides bright but not sickly sweet taste, cherry jelly and creamy soufflé add richness and tenderness.

Janet’s Bakery Dresden dessert with cherry and creamy soufflé

From Germany we wend our way directly to Sweden, which is known for its famous biscuits with cinnamon and ginger.  

Butter biscuits «Janet's Bakery» Sweden with cinnamon and ginger

Feel freedom and contrasts in original tastes and combinations!

Delicate heating taste of ginger and spicy cinnamon will transfer you to the very heart of Sweden and will mantle you with the northern hospitality!  It will help feeling warmth and coziness of one’s hearth and home.

The next country on our way is sunny Italy! And their famous flavored desserts.


Butter biscuits «Janet's Bakery» Italian with vanilla and orange

The warm and passionate country lures with a peculiar flavor of red oranges! And natural vanilla pods softly emphasize bright taste of delicate distinguished biscuits!  Arrange a real Italianate tea party!

Here our journey is not finished and we are going to other countries soon!