The enlargement of the trade mark “Step” line

25 april 2018

Bright new products appeared in the assortment of the confectionery association “Slavyanka”. At this time, we enlarge the line by the trade mark “Golden step”.

We would like to attract your attention to wonderful milky chocolate “Step” with filling, candies “Step” with hazel nut, chocolate-peanut spread “Golden step” and chocolate bars “SuperSTEP”


«Step» hazelnut

In addition to the classical “Step” with peanut, a new product is introduced with hazel nut.

The combination of tender caramel and hazel nut perfectly suits amateurs of qualitative candies and modern new products.

The idea to develop an assortment item with hazel nut occurred on the base of consumers’ preferences and modern trends analysis. In many trade categories, including candies by weigh, today there is a large range of necessary for the market items with various nuts.

We are sure, that a new product will have the same popularity as the existing leader in the segment of candies by weigh – “Golden step” with peanut.


Chocolate «Step» peanut and caramel

The confectionery association “Slavyanka” introduces a new product, that actually does not have analogues at the market  – milky chocolate “Step” with filling, which has a rich, balanced, chocolate-caramel taste with peanut. New chocolate “Step” is already waiting for you!

Chocolate-peanut spread «Golden step»


Chocolate spread - a true delicacy for adult and little sweet teeth. That’s why, we have chosen a particular approach to creating spread “Golden step”. It contains nothing excess, only true chocolate and peanut!


Chocolate bar «SuperStep»

The chocolate bar “SuperSTEP” with nougat and soft caramel, covered with perfect milky glaze, closes the line of new products. The stylish, modern and extremely delicious chocolate bar is already available for those who wish to try it.