«Russian control» carried out the expertise of the chocolate «Osobyi»

12 february 2018

The non-commercial organization “Russian control” carried out the expertise of dark chocolate sold in Russia. They chose seven popular brands, among them there was chocolate produced at Krupskaya factory – “Osobyi”.

The compliance of the chocolate “Osobyi” to the Nationwide Standard was checked and no deviations were found. The chocolate “Osobyi” took the second place and was considered a leader of the expertise according to its results and in compliance with the analysis of professional tasters.

All the other samples made the experts doubt that these tablets could be named chocolate. “According to the results of tasting they do not reach the standard minimum value by the mass content of dry fat-extracted cocoa residual content”.

According to the checkout, the experts of “Russian control” recommended to buy the chocolate “Osobyi” of Krupskaya factory. The experts had remarks about other brands concerning either content or taste.

The information was taken from the site lenta.ru