The joint action with the theatre «Baltic house»

18 april 2018

From 25 March to 1 April, the unique action was held: the Theatre-festival «Baltic house» together with the Factory named Krupskaya invited parents and children of all ages to «Sweet holidays». This year, the main chocolate factory of our country celebrates 80-th anniversary, and in honor of this event, a big candy holiday took place in the «Baltic house».

Every day the interactive show “It will be sweet!” took place before the performance in the foyer of the theatre. Spectators were able to participate in master classes on author’s candy wrapper creating – after all, any candy must be delicious as well as wonderful. The authors of sketches could exchange their candy wrappers to the most delicious candy.

When did white bears appear first on candy wrappers? How do we call these candies? Does bird milk exist? How many nuts are there on the candy «Little squirrel»? The most curious people could learn these and other entertaining facts about a simple candy wrapper of the Factory named Krupskaya at the captivating lecture «Candy wrappers and where they dwell».