Corrugated packaging

Production workshops of “Polygraphiya-Slavyanka” LLC are equipped with the following equipment:

- German machine by the firm BHS Corrugated is intended for the production of corrugated board of "B", "C", "E", "CE", "CB", "BE" flutes with the capacity 12 million m² per month, working width 2500 mm., maximum speed of 300 m / min.

-The complex machines such as Martin Miniline 618 FFG, MarquipWardUnited SV 2000, and SV 2000-115 are designed for four-valve boxes and blanks for various configurations of corrugated cardboard flutes "B", "C", "E", "CE", " SV "," VE ",      "SS" manufacturing with the possibility of applying up to three colors printing.

- automatic die-cutting machine by the Swiss company BOBST SPO 160-VISION is designed for corrugated cardboard blanks of complex shapes cutting for subsequent assembly into boxes

- cross-functional folding-gluing machine by the Swiss company BOBST VISIONFOLD 145A-2ES is designed for gluing boxes with up to three points of gluing from cut-out sheet blanks.