Printed products

Now packaging is not just a container but also a carrier of information about the products, the company-manufacturer and its original advertising. Attractive packaging plays an important part in the decision of purchasing this product.

With the help of our specialists and equipment you can design a box of any complexity, create a design, and produce any printed copies of packaging and labels on a high quality level and on time. Packaging with additional finishing elements: foil printing, hot stamping with foil and without it, coating with UV varnish and windows gluing on the package allows distinguishing your product on the shelves of stores.

We constantly monitor all latest releases in the area of decor and on the basis of our customers wishes we apply them in such a way that a bright and individual product is obtained, favorably differing from the analogues.

The processes of the life cycle of the products we manufacture are the most important components that we aim to build into the optimal chain work starting with the cooperation with the client and ending with the shipment of finished products.

The printing workshop is equipped with printing KBA lines, BOBST die-cutting machines, and equipment for flat and hot-stamping with the foil, as well as hot stamping without foil, BOBST folding gluing line.