Products quality

High quality of the products has long become the visiting card of the confectionery association “Slavyanka”. Quality inspection of the confectioneries produced is carried out at each production stage by enterprises specialists: chemical engineers, technologists, quality engineers. Each raw materials and final products lot undergoes obligatory quality control and inspection in our laboratories which are provided with the newest equipment. All Companies Association “Slavyanka” products are manufactured without any genetically modified sources (GMS) use, which is proved by a relevant declaration of the products production without GMS use on annual basis.

Production source is raw materials, manufactured by the domestic and foreign industry section leaders. Owing to the modern technologies and process automation it has became possible to keep quality stability at each production stage.

Production quality improvement is the companies association “Slavyanka” priority. For these aims there at the company it is developed and introduced the integrated quality management system meeting standard international requirements ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP), what is proved by the Certificates issued by International Certification Body AFNOR Certification. The companies association’s “Slavyanka” integrated quality management system includes quality management system (QMS) and Hazard Awareness and Crucial Control Points (HACCP).

Confectionery association “Slavyanka” takes care of its customers.